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The following are some helpful tips that have been gathered by some of us that have been down the road before and already paid the price. Hopefully we can learn by others mistakes and help someone avoid a costly error.
Many of your questions can be answered by any one of the people in the picture to the right. I know because I have asked each of them for help over the years. You will not meet a nicer, or more informed group than these guys. In fact most of the info on these pages comes from them.

If you have a tip to share, please forward to: dziner55@optonline.net so I can post it.

Here they are, the Guru's of Galaxies, the Sopranos of 7- Litres. The "A" Team.
Dave Horne, Russ Owens, Tom Volpone, John Smith (Holding Sam Volpone) and Garnet and Jackie Ross.
Restoration Tips How To's
Remove Spacer when Installing new Timing Chain
If you pull the motor, REPLACE your oil pump
Wheelcover Emblem Replacement - by Dave LaPorte
'77 - '79 Thunderbird Disc Brake Conversion- by Tom Volpone
Ford Spring Specs - Submitted by Randy Goforth
Pinstripe Template- For Proper Size and Placement
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