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Although all 7 Litre owners know that they should have a 428 engine under the hood (or a 427 if you were lucky enough), many of us are not the original owners. Without thorough documentation, the origin and originality of the engine, as well as the cubic inches, can come in question. Maybe to the trained eye the differences between a 390 and a 428, or 428 cj jump out. To a back yard mechanic, like myself, the external differences are unnoticable.

When it was time to refurbish my engine, I became interested in knowing if the engine in my car was in fact correct and original. Unlike GM cars that seem to have a serial number stamped on every part, the concept of a "Numbers Matching" original is not so easy to authenticate on a FORD. I was able however to come across some information, that made identifying an FE block much easier.Hopefully, the following links will offer some useful information. Much of it relates to CobraJet and Super CobraJet, but the identifying information is the same.

right side

Here is a shot of Bruce Jackson's nicely done engine compartment.
Block Identfication Engine Specifications
Cylinder Head Identfication FE Forum
Head and Intake Comparison  
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