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The photo to the right is a very rare shot. Four 7 Litre convertibles in one spot. It was sent in by Garnet Ross whose car is the Emberglo one in the back. Starting on the left, the red convertible is owned by Milt Chesterman of Tillsonburg, Ontario, the dark blue one is owned by Dave Atkins in Stratford Ontario, the light blue one is owned by Bruce Clark of Sterling Ontario.

The purpose of this page is to do a similar thing via the web, and that is to bring together as many 7 Litres as possible to one spot.

The photo section has been broken up into four parts so that
there is now a page for 1966 and 1967, both Hard Tops and Convertibles.

Click on any of the car photos to see a larger version of the image, or in some cases more detailed information on the car.

We are also including Pictures from different events or anything else of particular interest.


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