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Motor oil & Permatex "The Right Stuff"

A place to give a review to a product you have used for your 7-Litre. Here is a chance to recommend a great product that would be helpful to the rest of us, or a chance to warn everyone of a maybe not so hot product. Descriptions must be kept within the realm of good taste and should stick to the merits or lack thereof of the product and or the place you got them from. Off color remarks will be deleted.

Motor oil & Permatex "The Right Stuff"

Postby thomas11 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:00 am

From now on, you should all be adding a zinc additive to your motor oil for your 7Litre, or any engine with flat tappet camshafts. The motor oils are continuously reducing the Zn content because it isnt needed in all new engines due to them utilizing roller camshafts. The Zn is a necessity for the metal contact between the cam and lifters. I discussed this recently with the local machine shop, his repairs due to cam lobe wipeouts have tripled in the last year. So, use your Zn additives, or use high Zn content motor oil such as Brad Penn or Joe Gibbs oil.

Anyone that will be doing any engine work that requires assembly such as intakes, oil pans, etc. I would just put in my recommendation to use a product from Permatex called "The Right Stuff". It is a gasket maker or supplement which is superior to RTV or Silicone. I use it by itself to seal the front & rear rails on intakes, seal around the water jackets on the intake, oil pans, etc. Good stuff which replaces all Si stuff in my toolbox.
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